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Little Rocket.

Meet the agency that will take your ideas to the Moon. At Little Rocket, we construct exciting online solutions and physical products for our ambitious clients. The question is: what will we build for you?

Welcome to the Lab.

You succeed when you build great relationships with your audience. We help make those connections easier. Whether it’s an easy-to-navigate ecommerce site, designing or breathing new life into your brand, or creating opportunities for people to talk to you, it all comes down to you and your audience.
Developers take your ideas and realize them in the digital space, establishing an inviting presence on the World Wide Web.
Ask us about: Shopify Plus, ecommerce tools, and digital web apps.
Designers create engaging opportunities for your clients, whether online or IRL - new chances for people to interact with your brand.
Ask us about: branding standards, product packaging, and store design.
Creatives plan attention-grabbing campaigns that get your people excited about what you’re doing, establishing a voice that people will love.
Ask us about: engagement contests, social media content, and art direction.

Payloads launched.

Who we work with is just as important as what we create. We work with clients who are determined to push the envelope, creating experiences worth getting excited about. If you have a bold vision for your future, we want to hear from you.

Technical partners.

There are better uses for your time than continuously reinventing the rocket. We have fostered relationships with other technical service providers, each of which have their own wide suites of services. Together, we will create a perfect solution to fit your exact needs.
Shopify Plus builds on the core Shopify ecommerce experience to include advanced apps and features. Shopify Plus allows businesses to customize the entirety of their site, including product pages. It is the ideal platform for larger ecommerce businesses.
VL OMNI is a premier data integration service that moves data, including placed orders, between hundreds of different applications. VL OMNI creates unique and customizable data flows, allowing you to scale your business with no headaches.
COVA is a point-of-sale software that is custom made for the cannabis market. Power your ecommerce and retail locations with software that is built to provide your customers with a seamless experience while operating within your local cannabis regulations.
Klaviyo is an email marketing service that supplements your ecommerce platform. Klaviyo allows users to set up automatic email flows, such as order confirmation emails, while gathering and analyzing important customer data and providing valuable insights into your marketing strategy.
Smile.io encourages continued customer loyalty. Reward repeat purchases with points, discounts, and other incentives for users to work towards while engaging with your ecommerce platform.
Launch a subscription service with ReCharge, a recurring-billing platform that is built to integrate with Shopify. ReCharge includes a customer portal to easily manage billing and delivery dates, all in one easy-to-use package. 
Help your customers find what they’re looking for with Findify, a search tool for Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. Findify is the perfect tool for businesses with a large number of products.
TradeGecko organizes your products, customer profiles, and transactions into one easily-integratable tool for ecommerce platforms. TradeGecko allows you to keep track of and control your inventory across multiple channels.
Shopify Plus
Cova POS
Recharge Payments

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